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Greenback Introduces Faceted Search

Greenback Introduces Faceted Search

We are excited to announce “faceting” functionality has been added to our flexible and powerful search. That means that you can find information even faster!

Not everyone knows what they are looking for or what they will discover when they begin a search. With faceted search, we give you control over your initial search results so that you can refine/filter your query to retrieve what you need. Faceting is even more crucial for high-volume users with thousands of transactions to filter because it can save you lots of time. You can still use simple keywords or structured queries to find transactions in a snap. It’s always been perfect for sellers researching aggregated sales from their shops or contractors who want to view all of their purchases for a PO# or Job Name.

Remember that Greenback indexes every detail so if it was in the original transaction, it can be found by its attribute/value. Greenback’s advanced flexible technology makes our search even more powerful than before and better than most platforms and online stores even attempt.

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