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Greenback is Etsy’s Top Sync App

Greenback is Etsy’s Top Sync App

We are happy to announce that Greenback is now listed as one of the core tools hand-picked by Etsy to help you grow your business. “We know many sellers use independently-designed integrations…and we want to help you find the best ones.” The integrations toolbox “is a curated list of [third-party app] integrations designed to help you market and promote your Etsy shop, and keep track of your expenses and accounting.” -Etsy

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Greenback is proud to have earned the distinction as the “go-to” sync app by Etsy. We are the only one chosen by Etsy for syncing your sales, fees, and expenses to your accounting platform like QuickBooks, and Xero. Find us on Etsy, just scroll to "Manage Your Bookkeeping and Taxes", then click "See All".

What helps make Greenback popular with Etsy sellers are the indexed and searchable line-item details and the ancillary transactions created for those hard to find payment processing fees deducted from your sales (or refunds) before they are deposited to your bank. You can finally reconcile every cent. Intelligent syncs provide hints on what actions to take during exports. For US and international Etsy sellers/shoppers, Greenback supports sales tax & VAT with special handling for “automatic” taxes. Currencies and exchange rates are captured directly from the source and tracked throughout the platform.

When your accounting is accurate, you can determine which expenses produce the highest revenues and maximize profits. Greenback automates your accounting to save you time and money.

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