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Greenback Now Available In QuickBooks App Store

Greenback Now Available In QuickBooks App Store


Greenback syncs transactions directly from vendors like Amazon, Home Depot, Delta, eBay, and more to your QuickBooks Online account. Greenback automatically captures original, 100% accurate, and fully itemized receipts for your business – eliminating the need for email, scans, photos, or manual data entry. Greenback published its QuickBooks app in late April 2017. You can view our Full Feature List or check us out in the QuickBooks App Store.


Bank and credit card statements give you virtually no insight into what you purchased and how you should categorize it. Plus, during an audit, you’ll still want to have the original receipt. Why manually enter data or attach receipts in QuickBooks if you can get fully itemized transactions directly from the vendor? Connected accounting with Greenback is your solution. For example, rather than simply knowing how much you spent at Amazon on a given date, we wanted all the details of a purchase (line items, products, tracking numbers, etc.) to be automatically extracted and synced to QuickBooks – it’s essentially receipts with an IQ and 100% accuracy.


We focus on small business owners, bookkeepers, and accountants. Anyone who purchases from Amazon, Home Depot, Delta, eBay, and more can save time, money, and improve tax compliance with our app. Greenback simplifies the verification process in QuickBooks by automatically matching transactions, reconciling data from statements, and attaching the receipt for you.


  • Intelligent Syncs that generate new, enhanced transactions for you, prevent duplicates, and match and enhance existing transactions. Greenback gets smarter every time you sync more data.
  • Automation that saves you time (populates and categorizes transactions for you), increases productivity, and automates tax compliance. There’s no need to snap photos or save PDFs of your purchases.
  • Fully Extracted Receipts that are 100% accurate (direct from the source). Receipt data enables awesome search with a Google-like interface (e.g. find transactions paid with your Visa ending in 1234 or a specific product you bought).


Greenback is the only app on the market that automatically extracts absolutely every detail of your purchase and syncs it to QuickBooks – they are receipts with an IQ. While other receipt solutions use OCR or human checkers to extract amount, date, and vendor name from snapped photos or uploaded PDFs, they either can’t be 100% accurate or can’t include line items. As the only app with such granular data, Greenback can power some uniquely intelligent features such as auto categorizing a purchase based on the product you bought or syncing transactions shipped to a particular address. The possibilities are endless.

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