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QuickBooks Highlights Greenback as a Best App for Construction Accounting

QuickBooks Highlights Greenback as a Best App for Construction Accounting


We are excited to share the news that Intuit QuickBooks has highlighted Greenback as one of the best apps for Construction Accounting! See us listed here: Intuit QuickBooks for Construction Accounting

We've earned one of the top spots because Greenback auto-fetches your original, itemized receipts from Home Depot, Lowe's, Menards, Amazon, Walmart and more and syncs them to QuickBooks. You can simplify workflow and save so much time.

Check out this demo video where you'll see how Greenback creates a dropdown selection for the different fields (e.g. department tracking, class tracking) depending on your current settings in QuickBooks upon export.

With Greenback you can view all of your vendors on one dashboard so your receipts are easy to work with. Since everything is indexed, you can search for anything, even by the last 4 digits of your credit card, a specific product, store, address, etc. Remember that your commercial credit card statements may be helpful on their own but that's not enough. You need receipts as your supporting documents for expenses if you are ever audited. Greenback improves your tax compliance and helps you never miss a deduction.

We get asked "Can items be marked by customer, project, and whether something is a billable expense?” quite often. Our answer is "Yes, absolutely. If you are using the premier plan, you can easily associate a transaction to a specific customer/project or vendor and account. In addition, if you are configured to support billable expenses in QuickBooks Online, you will have the ability to associate transactions in Greenback to an appropriate client."

Contractors are always looking for ways to make tracking job costs easier. Job costing is now integrated into QuickBooks Projects --a feature available to QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks Online Advanced users. Depending on what you have enabled and turned on in QuickBooks, (e.g. PO numbers, job name, job numbers, classes, locations/departments, billable expense, customer to bill, and more) we show it in the dropdown selection when you export your transactions to QuickBooks.

Pro-Tip: As a best practice, we recommend breaking up purchases at checkout by job/project. Currently we support assigning one billable customer as a whole per-receipt during an export to QuickBooks.

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