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The UKs Award Winning Home Exercise Company Depends on Real Time Digital Commerce Data to Automate Bookkeeping

Apex Rides - UK's Award-Winning Home Exercise Bike and App

Apex Rides, the British exercise company bringing affordable home workouts and equipment to the masses, has been featured in many of the heath industries press from Men's Health to GQ. Apex Rides is well on their way to disrupting the big boys from across the pond and bring you all the cardio and fat-loss benefits of spin, at an accessible price point.

Mitch Consulting & Apex Rides Team Up

Mitch Consulting faced the challenge of needing real-time data for Apex Rides Digital, a subscription-based exercise company. The objective was to ensure compliance with HMRC returns, offer advisory services for business growth, and streamline accounting processes for efficiency. Here's a breakdown of the solution and its impact:

The Solution

Real-time Data Integration: Mitch Consulting opted for a solution that provides real-time data, consolidating all aspects of Apex Rides Digital's online business into one centralised source. Comprehensive Coverage: The chosen solution covers various areas, including sales, expenses, monthly subscription trends, and payment processing fees. Integration with Online Platforms: To capture all relevant data, integration with Apex Rides Digital's online platforms was a crucial aspect of the solution.

The Impact

Time Efficiency: Through a meticulous onboarding process and mapping transactions to the correct general ledger codes, Mark and his team saved time that would have otherwise been spent on downloading multiple data sources and ensuring data accuracy.

Focus on Advisory Services: With the data consolidation and automation in place, Mark can now focus on providing valuable advice and guidance to Apex Rides Digital. This ensures timely decision-making and agility in implementing necessary changes for the business's success.

Trend Analysis and Customer Data: Access to real-time data allows for in-depth trend analysis and a better understanding of customer behavior. This information is crucial for making informed business decisions and tailoring services to meet customer needs.

Timely Implementation of Changes: The ability to access real-time data ensures that any necessary changes or strategies can be implemented promptly. This agility is vital for staying competitive and adapting to the dynamic nature of the business environment.

In summary, the Dext Commerce solution not only addressed the immediate challenge of real-time data needs but also enhanced the overall efficiency of accounting processes but also allowing Mark and the team to focus on advisory services and data analysis positions Apex Rides Digital for continued growth and success in the competitive fitness industry.

Mitch Consulting

Mitch Consulting is a firm of chartered accountants providing support for the technology startups and early stage companies, and market themselves as an interim solution to support businesses from inception to Series B or C. After this stage , they work with clients to bring accounting processes in-house and assist with the recruitment of staff, handover and training.
Only using cloud accounting software are they able to provide a fully remote service.

Apex Rides Digital

Are you ready to get in shape! If so, we highly recommend our friends at Apex Rides. Be sure to pick up your own Apex at

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