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Technical Guide: BigCommerce

Technical Guide: BigCommerce

Connect Your Account

Connecting your account requires utilizing the API credentials from your BigCommerce dashboard.

API Credentials Connect Method

  1. Login to your store's dashboard on Select Settings in the navigation panel.

  1. Scroll down to the API section. Select API accounts.

  1. On the right side, select + Create API Account

  1. Fill out the form to create an access token only for our app that you'll share with us in step 5. The form should include the following values:

Token Type: V2/V3 Token

Name: Dext (Greenback)

API Path: Leave as-is

Oauth Scopes: Select all scopes that have a "read only" option. If the scope doesn't list "read only" as an option, our application doesn't actually need access to that particular area. The two screenshots below show the list of scopes you should make sure are included.

  1. Click "Save" to create the access token. You will now be presented with 3 values in a confirmation dialogue that displays the client id, client secret, and access token. We only need to know your access token. Save this value as you'll be entering this on our site in step 5. This value will ONLY be displayed once to you, so you should save it in a file for later access. If you accidentally forget this access token value, you can delete the API token after it's created and simply re-generate it again.

  1. The other value we need is your "Store Hash" which is simply available in the URL of your browser when you're visiting your dashboard. For example, the url "" has a "Store Hash" of "x24ydqdlbx". It's the value between "https://store-" and "".

  2. Open up, login, and visit -- you'll then be prompted for your "Store Hash" and "Access Token" that you generated in steps 3 and 4 above. Click "Connect" and your store should be successfully connected.

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