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Skip the photos, guessing, and typing! Automatically sync fully itemized sales and expenses directly from top brands and marketplaces to QuickBooks Online. Less work, better insights, more revenue.

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Sync transactions directly to your QuickBooks Online account.

Greenback syncs transactions directly from vendors like Amazon, Home Depot, Delta, eBay, and more to your QuickBooks Online account. Greenback automatically captures original, 100% accurate, and fully itemized receipts for your business - eliminating the need for email, scans, photos, or manual data entry.

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    Connect your email, sales and expense accounts for over 4 milion retailers, merchants and marketplaces.

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    Greenback separates your QuickBooks Online transactions into itemized sales, fees, reimbursements and refunds.

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    Export itemized transactions directly into QuickBooks Online

Our seamless and intuitive QuickBooks Online integration

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  • Your New Bank Feed

    Bank and credit card feeds only give you a partial view of your transactions. Greenback's powerful data fills in the rest. You get an accurate, comprehensive, and detailed transaction feed - automatically.

  • Reconcile with Confidence

    Leveraging our amazing transaction data, Greenback supplies you key information, in the right context to help you export with confidence every time. Now every cent can be reconciled.

  • Original Receipts. Automatically.

    Greenback automatically syncs itemized transactions and original receipts directly from your accounts. No scans, OCR, or missing receipts. Simple to setup and incredibly convenient.

The modern solution to accounting automation.

  • Worry Free Automation

    Not all automation software is created equal. We've spent years perfecting our technology to protect your books. Every transaction goes through a thoughtfully engineered validation process to ensure you have 100% accurate financial data.

  • Adapts to your QuickBooks Online

    Greenback supports a huge number of QuickBooks Online configurations and features. Our platform adapts to your current preferences, custom chart of accounts, and dropdowns. No training wheels required.

  • Start with Greenback or QuickBooks Online

    Greenback supports creating new or enhancing matched transactions in QuickBooks Online. Use us for your primary or secondary feed of accounting data. Start your workflow in QuickBooks Online and finish in Greenback, or vice versa.

  • Exports with an IQ

    Exports are safe and intuitive - learns your mappings as you go, selects smart defaults, and searches for matches or duplicates.

  • Connected Accounting

    You only need one tool to aggregate your sales and expenses. We support many popular marketplaces, platforms, and selling channels with new ones added all of the time.

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